DnaNudge uses your unique DNA plus your lifestyle to nudge you towards healthier choices each time you shop. These everyday small swaps can lead to big, positive changes.

Following an on-the-spot DNA test, you can be “nudged” by your own DNA to healthier choices, by checking on your DnaNudge App or DnaBand whether a food product is “red” or “green” for you, simply by scanning the barcode. If “red”, your App displays a range of personalised alternatives.

If you’re inactive for long periods your DnaBand will warn you by showing amber. This means that foods that were green for you are now slightly unhealthier, because of your inactivity. To get the green light again, you need to move a little.

Our DnaBand also enables you to:
•NudgeMatch with friends, to see which DNA traits you share
•NudgeShare with family, helping select the right products for the whole family