Drop is a Silicon Valley based eCommerce startup that uniquely uses insights from enthusiasts to create innovative products that fuel passion. We’ve been working with Drop’s Audiophile community (3M+ audiophiles) to design an audiophile grade wireless headphone. Every specifications on these headphones were derived through Drop’s community inputs and feedback. As the mainstream audio world has moved toward wireless solutions, we’ve yet to see an enthusiast/audiophile execution. The Drop Panda headphones have a fully acoustically tuned audiophile system (discrete built-in amplifier, audiophile driver).

A. The most distortion-free wireless headphones in the World
These headphones are the World’s first wireless headphones that integrate professional THX AAA amplifier technology which produces the most purest and distortion-free sounds.

B. Ribbon Planar Drivers
Most mainstream headphones use dynamic drivers which are inexpensive and produce a less than perfect phase response. Drops Ribbon Planar Drivers produce the most realistic audio experience on a wireless headphone.