Pushing a tactile button is the most satisfying and straightforward way to send a command. Flic 2 are innovative finger-tip-sized wireless buttons. Control Smart Home, apps, and online services with the ease and pleasure of pushing a button.

Unlike anything on the market, Flic 2 can talk to smartphones, tablets, or computers directly, so any app or business system can add smart buttons to their services. In homes, offices, and public spaces, Flic 2 link to the groundbreaking long-range Flic Hub LR. The Hub can support over 60 simultaneous, individually configured buttons in a large house and supports Apple HomeKit.

It is so simple to assign functionality to Flic 2 buttons in the app, that anyone can do it in seconds. Each button can have different functionality on push, double push, and hold. Assign anything from a simple light switch to complex routines to each action.