The IQbuds² MAX take hearables technology to the next level with hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, and features that allow wearers to completely personalize and alter their own soundscape. IQbuds² MAX are the latest additions to Nuheara’s range of smart-hearing products, which enhance normal hearing and allow users to fine-tune their sonic environment, so they can enjoy music, conversations or silence wherever they go.

Features such as Nuheara’s EarID™ technology and Speech in Noise Control (SINC) provide wearers with unrivaled customization and control over their personal hearing experience. The IQbuds² MAX also include the convenience of a magnetic charging case that delivers up to 32 hours of on-the-go hearing enhancement and 20 hours of Bluetooth streaming. Compatibility with Bluetooth 5 offers faster transfer over a longer range. IQbuds² MAX supersede the previously announced IQbuds MAX, offering superior performance from Nuheara’s new technical platform.