MAXPRO, the world’s most versatile full body portable fitness machine comes with smartphone connectivity and a motivating coaching app… A device that can replace a gym full of machines.. beautifully styled and professionally engineered for the toughest workouts.. Resistance levels are adjustable from 10lbs to a remarkable 300lbs instantly with a simple turn of a dial, but weighs less than 9lbs and can fold conveniently into a ridiculously small package..

Resistance, Suspension, Plyometrics, Stretching is all possible with MAXPRO… Ultra Portable! Ultra Effective!

MAXPRO is intelligent IoT hardware with on board sensors and connects to the MAXPRO Coaching App. This App provides users with the ultimate workout companion and coach. It assess a first-time user’s current fitness level and allow users to set their fitness goals and keep track of their progress with advanced workout analytics.