MedWand™ fulfills the potential of telemedicine. MedWand houses multiple diagnostic tools in a single, easy-to-use handheld device. With a MedWand on the patient’s side, clinicians can conduct remote office visits, and through the real-time collection of multiple vital sign readings and key patient assessments, detect and follow numerous medical conditions from across town, or around the world. Medwand contains a powerful Camera System, Pulse Oximeter, IR thermometer, Stethoscope and ECG all in a single 4 ounce enclosure. It can be used in several different modes. In addition to the real time remote exams, it can be used by Home Health Care, EMS, Hospice and Palliative care workers, as well as assisted living home monitoring environments. Medwand can also be used as a store & forward device. Medwand will improve outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, facilitate proper and correct treatment modalities, and also save lives.