Meural brings the world of art to any wall in a home or office via a dynamic library of with over 30,000 curated works from leading museums, artists, and image collections from around the world. With Meural, you will be able to live with art daily. The Meural art library extends both the enjoyment and education of art for all.

The Meural digital canvas, now available in two sizes, the larger 19×29 with a 27-inch HD digital canvas and a smaller 16×24 frame with 21.5-inch HD digital canvas at an attractive entry-level price. Each of the canvases feature a 16:9 ratio and can orient to portrait (vertical) mode or landscape (horizontal). The Meural canvases automatically detect the orientation and with the addition of the Meural Swivel Mount switching between placements is easy and does not require the removal of the frame from the wall.