Modobag combines the functionality of a standard suitcase with the innovation of personal mobility to create the world’s first carry-on suitcase you can ride. Modobag functions like a typical piece of carry-on luggage…that easily transforms into a mobility device to get travelers from Point A to Point B in a fun, safe and efficient manner.

98% of Smart Luggage is powered by a Lithium Ion battery source, the type of systems U.S. and international carriers banned from aircraft in early 2018. Modobag is powered by a patented, titanium Nanosafe™ Battery System that complies to FAA, TSA and IATA.

Modobag made its debut at CES2017 as a prototype and was back in 2019 in full manufacturing mode. CES2020 brings the launch of Modobag 2.0 featuring an innovative EasyOut battery removal system and the ModoMobility bag, a taller-sized model for mobility-challenged consumers.