Moxee Signal is a compact, easy-to-use personal safety device that pairs built-in 4G LTE with Moxee’s professional monitoring services to help people feel safe and connected with their loved ones. Small enough for a pocket or to be easily clipped to a backpack or purse, Moxee Signal allows users to check in, send their location, and communicate the need for assistance with the press of a single button.

Moxee Signal delivers four types of check-ins and alerts:

1.Location tracking: “Where are they?”
2.Check-ins: “I’m okay.”
3.Yellow Alerts: “Something’s not right.”
4.Red Alerts: “I need help.”

Featuring 4G LTE and the ability to geolocate and reverse geolocate using GPS, WiFi Access Points and cell towers, plus a long-life battery, Moxee Signal users can be assured that loved ones can reach them virtually anywhere, anytime. Moxee Signal is available in T-Mobile stores across the nation.