The Pelican Go™ G40 Charge Case is the world’s first personal utility case with QI-Certified wireless charging. Designed to be carried on its own or neatly kept inside a backpack, the Pelican Go™ G40 Charge Case offers uncompromised protection in a unique waterproof and dust-proof design. The easy-to-carry personal utility case’s elite built-in 10,000 mAh (milli-amp hours) allows users to charge their phones up to 4x. The battery conveniently charges a smartphone while it rests comfortably on the removable battery pack tray. One fully charged tray provides four full charges to a phone, equivalent to up to 48 hours of additional smartphone power. The tray fits phone sizes up to the iPhone® 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy® Note 9. Once disconnected from charging devices, the battery automatically turns off within 45 seconds. A USB port allows for charging for non-Qi-enabled devices.