PingPong robot is an unique singular module (name of ‘Cube’) based robot platform.
You can make any type of robot with that Cubes, most of robots in YouTube could be realized with PingPong Cubes.

Each module contains battery, motor and CPU board. The Cubes are connected by Bluetooth network and controlled by PingPong Apps(Android, iOS) or Scratch. Also the protocol of Cube is released to public so that anyone may control PingPong robot with Python, Java and C language.

RoboRisen provided 30~40 standards PingPong robot models, each one shows Cubes can make any type of robot such as driving, crawling or walking motion.

RoboRisen released 3D data for Cube and links so that user can make their own robot model with 3D printer.

Finally, RoboRisen provide dozens kind of sensors (such as temperature, light, ultrasonic sensor) can be plugged to Cube’s sensor port to help IoT application user.