YogiFi is a smart virtual yoga instructor that offers personalized wellness programs and instant therapy sessions anytime/ anywhere while tracking the progress of every individual’s own journey from physical fitness to inner happiness.

YogiFi comprises of :
1. An Intelligent Yoga Mat: Tracks various exercise postures, provides real-time correctional feedback and correlates body vitals from wearables.
2. YogiFi Companion App: Offers wide range of wellness programs with a personalized schedule that is automatically curated using AI. App helps users to follow/connect with wellness coaches for any specific inputs.

Target market:
The product delivers immersive user experiences from beginners to busy travelers and makes it easy to integrate yoga into daily lifestyle.
YogiFi creates a platform for wellness programs at workplace for corporate employees.
YogiFi will create an incentive model for teachers to deliver effective remote therapy sessions and expand their reach and impact beyond the four walls of yoga studios.