GoBe3 is the world’s only fitness tracker which automatically tracks your calories. Using state of the art technology and algorithms, the GoBe3 takes the guessing, weighing, and logging out of losing weight. Simply wear the device and watch as it tracks your calories consumed and burned.

The GoBe3 monitors a cluster of physiological functions which are crucial for holistic well-being including: hydration, emotional states/stress, sleep, and heart rate. Healbe’s groundbreaking technology is made possible through 36 patents and has scientifically proven accuracy.

At Healbe we know that feeling good is more than just a number, so the slim GoBe3 integrates with weight, fitness, stress, lifestyle and diabetes management mobile apps. This is truly a transformative device for people who want to take back control of their bodies and gain a deep understanding of their health.

Take control of your body and Go Be You.