POW Audio’s Una™ is a revolutionary, expandable, floatable speaker that leverages the company’s patented WaveBloom™ technology—that is the cornerstone of its product family. WaveBloom allows POW Audio speakers to contract for unique ultra-portability and expand to produce demonstrably robust bass resonance, huge volume and premium overall sound quality.

Roughly the size of a small dinner plate when collapsed, Una expands to rival many bigger, bulkier speakers—and its innovative design doesn’t end with its full, crystalline sound. Una is splash-proof and comes equipped with a detachable Lily Float that provides buoyancy stabilization on water. Una features Bluetooth connectivity, 14 hours of playtime and can be synced with another Una or Una X for true L/R stereo immersion. With the provided adjustable travel strap, Una carries your sound anywhere—from the bedroom or backyard to the pool, hike or commute—offering stunning listening experiences in an extraordinarily durable and versatile design format.