Data compromise is causing immeasurable harm to businesses and their trusted partners, rapidly increasing the need for encrypting and obfuscating internet traffic. GoSilent addresses this problem by encrypting all data before it even reaches the internet, negating the need to worry about in-transit data loss and enabling users to work as they did before security policies muddied the waters.

Armed with military-grade encryption, GoSilent is a mobile firewall, WiFi hotspot, and VPN that provides security and intelligence beyond the boundary of an enterprise network. It is user-friendly, extremely compact, requires minimal setup, and is compatible with servers, phones, desktops, laptops, or any IoT device.

GoSilent is the first portable integrated VPN, IPS, Application Firewall, and Cloud Analytics solution to safeguard remote or teleworking users, allowing organizations to have visibility and control over their BYOD or corporate devices from wherever users are accessing the internet across the globe.

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