IQbuds BOOST is an innovative hearing bud that learns and automatically adapts to the users unique hearing profile. IQbuds Boost™ deliver a way to hear better, in a form factor that is socially acceptable to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The IQbuds BOOST is the most advanced assistive listening device on the market today. Built with all the great features as our award-winning IQbuds; we’ve added Ear ID, a clinically backed audiometric hearing assessment that calibrates the buds to the user’s unique hearing profile.

IQbuds BOOST™ provides a hearing solution that doesn’t look like a hearing aid. They are sleek with an elegant industrial design, and they look simply like a wireless earbud. This allows users to boost their hearing without the stigma of a hearing aid.

Now hearing better is both accessible and affordable with Nuheara’s new hearing buds – IQbuds BOOST.

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