Neurovalens is a technology company leveraging proven, innovative neuroscience and consumer wearables to create meaningful improvements in people’s lives. Their first product, Modius, is a non-invasive headset which helps people achieve leaner, healthier bodies through vestibular nerve stimulation. Developed by neuroscientist Dr. Jason McKeown, the device was designed to activate the epicenter in the brain that causes people to struggle with their weight – the hypothalamus. This year, Neurovalens launched Modius on Indiegogo and exceeded their goal by 3,100%, raising a total of $1.6 Million USD and securing orders on a global scale. Results from users in 80 countries are pouring in: 80% of users have experienced significant weight loss from using the device, and 1 ton of collective weight has been shed. Neurovalens is run from dual-headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland and at the University of California San Diego’s Centre for Brain & Cognition.

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