Robots don’t need to be hard! We create tech with innovative, soft interfaces to provide immersive experiences.We have four differentiators:1. Changing screen time: We combine the physical and digital world by incorporating mobile devices into our plush. Octobo is a friend, rather than just a screen.2. Play types: It’s a challenge to appeal to those who prefer unstructured play versus clear objectives. By seamlessly blending exploratory play and storybook adventures, the play style can change constantly.

3. Content: Octobo is a socio-emotional, STEM and literacy tool with customization and expansion features that make it accessible for children of varying stages.

4. Comfort: Octobo is soft, cuddly and made to be hugged and played with, unlike other robots. Unique soft sensors allow Octobo to come to life and react and guide immersive play.

We have created a new technology toy that brings warmth and emotion to hardware.

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