The Play Impossible Gameball™ is an active gaming system that brings the digital action both indoors and outdoors with a variety of free connected ball games you can play on your own or with friends. More than ‘just a ball,’ the inflatable Gameball is embedded with patent-pending sensor technology that connects to the Play Impossible app via Bluetooth, bringing a new twist to a favorite play object. Connect, compete and challenge your ball skill with the popular new game Impossible; see how long it takes to reach your vertical limit in Skyscraper; use brains and brawn in a new version of ‘keep away’ with Jostle. When Gameball runs low on juice, refuel in 20 seconds with the Rapid Charger for another complete hour of fun! Play Impossible Gameball™ is available at select Target stores, and Amazon Launchpad. The app is available on iOS, Android and Fire devices. Ages 9-99!

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