The Vuze XR is a unique dual-camera that is portable, easy-to-use and seamlessly combines 3D VR180 and 2D 360⁰ capture systems with industry-leading 5.7K resolution for outstanding, full-motion video and 18MP, high-resolution still image capture.

Complete with LIVE Broadcast + Sharing to Social using the Vuze XR mobile app, content creators, social media enthusiasts, world travelers, adventure seekers, families and creators of all types, now have the power and convenience to share, and live stream to mobile phones, computers, social networks, VR headsets and on HumanEyes Zone, a custom VR website.

Fully equipped with 360 Audio and Video Stabilization, Vuze XR supports both the Google VR180 standard as well as Facebook’s 3D180 format. Advanced editing and stitching function up to 4K/30fps via the cameras’ mobile app and desktop stitching for higher resolutions including 4K/60fps and 5.7k/30fps Mpeg4 files.

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