20 years is an eternity in high tech innovation. From our very first awardee, OnStar to our very last in 2019 we’ve been devoted to letting the audience pick the innovation that they believe is best “build to last the test of time”. So, here’s the scoop for the big 20-year festivities.

Where are they now?
They’re all invited. Twenty years of winners—we’re rounding them up for their big “survivor” stage bow. You’ll want to celebrate them. You’ll want to join them in the Hall of Fame. (LINK)

Jen Jolly returns
In 2019 she wore a camera-embedded top hat, made a crazy movie about a journalist life at CES, and had the stamina of ten men when it came to captivate the audience. What will she do this year? We’d tell you but we’ve have to … you know what. Don’t miss her encore performance.

Judges and Influencers
Our Last Gadget judges, who are charged with culling down the hundreds of applications we get into the ten best, represent the best in journalism. This year we’ll add some new kids to the mix, so if you have a favorite YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram influence you’d like to see on stage let us know.

Trivia and Giveways
Our trademark is to have Las Vegas beauties (of all gender) toss super cool swag and products to the smartest folks in the audience that can answer trivia question. If you’re company wants to get a shout out and a product into the hands of the most ardent technophiles let us know.

Promotional Opportunities:
Want to attach your brand to this event? We’re looking for media partners to document the making of the 20 th Last Gadget Standing and partners to help produce the collectible program.
We want to hear from you so send us your ideas or find out more at info@lastgadgetstanding.com.

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