Why Sponsor Young Innovators?

Tomorrow’s labor force will need to hone skills that are not a part of most teaching curricula today. Success in the future will come from  creativity, innovation, imagination and entrepreneurship. Students who display these qualities early in their academic careers need mentors and role models. They need to see and take part in the innovation community. By rewarding innovative thinkers, at the time in their careers when they may lack the self -confidence, mentors, or direction to continue our sponsors can help. 


. In order to fill the job pipeline we must identify talented students and nurture them.

Sponsors Receive:

  • An audience of 500 attendees in the LVCC Ballroom at CES where they will present the awards and present a keynote welcome
    • Social media campaign sponsorship
    • In room signage 
    • Press outreach campaign 
    • Video tape of the awards proceedings for your website
    • Title Sponsor on Plaque
    • Website placement on Young Innovators to Watch
    • Promotion by CES marketing
    • Mini sponsored website showing student jounrneys

It’s a moment you and your audience will never forget and one that will live on long after CES 2020 is over. . Interested in sponsorship?  Contact Lindsey Wieglos, LindseyLIDT@gmail.com


Additional Sponsorships 

 $2,500 Young Innovator Caps Your company logo on caps the students will be wearing throughout their CES experience and given to media.

 $2,500 Young Innovator T-Shirts Your company logo on Young Innovator CES Exhibit tour t-shirts. 

 $5,000 Young Innovator to Watch Podcast  Exciting interviews with all the winners with your logo on the screen. 

$5,000 Young Innovator Swag Bags Your company logo on the bag the students carry with them at CES

Product Donation 10 units of a product $50 or over and placement in award bags and mention in press.