Sometimes it pays to be last!

Welcome to the 16th Last Gadget Standing Competition, the longest running contest at CES. Of all the gadgets on the CES show floor, we’re looking for the ones that will fascinate, captivate and become indispensable! Each year thousands of products are launched and for myriad reasons a good many of them fail.

So how can you tell the stand-outs in the fast-moving world of technology? You ask the smartest audience in the world to decide. The Last Gadget audience (both online and live audience) make their voices heard by voting for the products they believe will endure the test of time. By entering the competion your product reaches an international community of expert judges, tech journalists, potential partners and investors and technophiles everywhere.

Hosted by master entertainer and tech expert extraordinaire, David Pogue, Last Gadget is the must see show at CES.

How Does It Work?

Last Gadget begins months before CES starts, as contestants, who believe that they’ve got what it takes to make a breakthrough gadget, sign up to show their stuff. A panel of expert judges narrows the field to a final ten or so, and then these best of the best compete in an online contest in the weeks leading up to the live event, and onstage at the LVCC during an energy fueled live contest. (PS. We keep two slots open for products that won’t be announced until CES begins, so grab them fast.)


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