CES 2017

Sometimes it pays to be last!

Welcome to the 16th Last Gadget Standing Competition, the longest running contest at CES. Of all the gadgets on the CES show floor, we’re looking for the ones that will fascinate, captivate, and become indispensable! Each year thousands of products are launched, and for myriad reasons a good many of them fail. So how can you tell the stand-outs in the fast-moving world of technology? You ask the smartest audience in the world to decide. The Last Gadget audience (both online and live) make their voices heard by voting for the products they believe will endure the test of time. By entering the competition your product reaches an international community of expert judges, tech journalists, potential partners, and investors and technophiles everywhere. The Last Gadget audience (both online and live audience) make their voices heard by voting for the products they believe will endure the test of time. By entering the competion your product reaches an international community of expert judges, tech journalists, potential partners and investors and technophiles everywhere.


Hosted by master entertainer and tech expert extraordinaire, David Pogue, Last Gadget is the must see show at CES.


How Does It Work?

Last Gadget begins months before CES starts, as contestants, who believe that they’ve got what it takes to make a breakthrough gadget, sign up to show their stuff. A panel of expert judges narrows the field to a final ten or so, and then these best of the best compete in an online contest in the weeks leading up to the live event, and onstage at the LVCC during an energy fueled live contest. (PS. We keep two slots open for products that won’t be announced until CES begins, so grab them fast.)
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Last Gadget Standing CES



The PicoBrew Pico is the world’s smallest and easiest to use craft beer brewing appliance. Designed to brew 5L batches o...


Alchema is building a smart home cidermaking machine that allows anyone to easily craft delicious hard cider from fresh ...

Canary Flex

Announced in September 2016, Canary Flex is the first and only indoor/outdoor, weatherproof HD security camera that can ...


Bloomlife has designed the first pregnancy wearable for expectant parents to track contractions, receive prenatal insigh...


uQontrol utilizes advanced “Chip and PIN” technology, the same secured microprocessor embedded on payment cards. We emul...

Halo Sport

Halo Sport is a training tool that uses neurotechnology to accelerate gains in skill, strength, and explosiveness for el...


Introducing the MATRIX POWERWATCH, the world’s first smartwatch powered by you. It never needs charging or battery repla...

Self E Case

Whether a photo/video calls for a portrait or landscape view, the Self-E-Case can do it. The 'arm/remote' extends out fr...

Kamibot: Interactive Papercraft

Kamibot is educational/programmable robot that can be transformed into virtually any character with character papercraft...

Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmets lets you listen to your music, calls, GPS navigation, ride data and more while you pay ...

2016 Winners

Live & Online


The Ripple Maker

The Ripple Maker is a revolutionary IoT device that turns every cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. Using co...


VUZE, is the world’s first consumer, portable 360° 3D VR camera and software studio that brings immersive content creati...

Air Hogs Connect

Air Hogs Connect is a new way to play with RC vehicles, merging a physical RC and a digital game into one immersive play...


AvatarMind’s first product is iPal, a companion robot for young children. iPal is 3.5 feet tall, about the height of ...

Zolt Laptop Charger Plus

Simply stated: the Zolt Laptop Charger Plus is the reinvention of the laptop charger for the digital age. The Zolt Lapto...

Edwin the Duck

Edwin is the world’s first Smart Duck; a learning toy with personality designed to be your child’s new best friend as th...


We are building a small-sized drone and Khan Academy-style online curriculum that teach students how to code. Coding is ...

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 3 Pro

The YOGA Tab 3 Pro is the latest version of our premium entertainment tablet. We’ve made some dramatic improvements by a...